Thursday, June 7, 2012

Minimum Viable Product - Curiosity

Whenever I look at a new project, I always ask myself what is the least amount of work that I can do to prove that this product can be fun or have a business case (and hopefully both). I was reading about Curiosity on today and I thought to myself: "That's probably the most MVP potential for a game I've ever seen". Seriously, they could release the game now with a cube in a room and spend months developing the actual product while people are chipping away at a cube. Only when the features are ready do you have to put in the field and say "The players chipped at it so much that now you have access to a slightly better hammer" (that you have to pay for). So that got me thinking, couldn't I release that game before they do??? How hard can it be to make a cube? So without further delay, here is my first release of Curiosity. Don't expect to chip away too fast at it though, I don't expect I'll ever have the foot traffic that 22 Cans would have releasing the exact same cube :)

1 comment:

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