Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Windows Programmer Switches To Mac

I've been a Windows user for many years.  My very first computer was an Apple II, but after it came Dos and since then only Windows.  I've skipped a few version here and there, I stayed away from Millenium for example.   Windows 98 Plus?  C'mon.  All in all, I've had very few complaints about Windows although I had the occasional crash.  I'd also reboot my PC weekly,  but nothing that would really really bug me to the point that switching to Mac seemed like the only alternative.  My worst experienced would probably working with the Windows GINA a few years back.  Wow did I ever screw up my machine often.  VMWare would have been a god send back then!

Why now thinking about switching to Mac?  IPhone/IPod touch development is why!  Although I wish I could do development on a PC (it would be much cheaper as I have enough of those :) ), the Intel Mac is currently the only platform that supports development for this interesting new mobile platform.

I've decided that I will be buying a Mac and learn as much as I could over the Christmas Holidays.  I don't have 2 weeks off in a row often, so I'm hoping I can take full advantage of this to learn my way around a new OS, a new IDE and a new language (Objective-C, Cocoa).  I've actually created this blog more or less to document my plunge into the Mac world since I think this is probably the biggest changed I've done in my profession to date (time will tell).

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